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  Nov 30, 2020
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Legal Studies (Certificate)

The certificate in legal studies is an intensive ten-course sequence program that prepares the student for paralegal employment opportunities in private sector and public sector law, finance, human services, business and industry, and related fields. Emphasis is placed on preparing the student to enter and advance in the paralegal profession. The Legal Studies program curriculum reflects current thinking in the academic discipline as well as the demands of the marketplace. Students have access to the latest legal research technology on campus at the Sage library as well as access to the extensive law library at Albany Law School. Students may transfer in a maximum of nine credits from other institutions.

Certificate Requirements : 30 credits

Complete all of the following : 15 credits
LAW 101 Introduction to Law
LAW 202 Legal Research & Writing I
LAW 209 Legal Ethics (PHL ethics course may be substituted)
LAW 302 Legal Research & Writing II
LAW 348 Special Topics in Law

Complete 5 additional LAW courses : 15 credits