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  Nov 30, 2020
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Chemistry Minor

Students seeking to improve their understanding of “the central science” may wish to consider a minor in Chemistry. The Chemistry minor is designed to provide a broad background in general, organic and analytical chemistries, disciplines which directly support majors such as Biology, Nutrition Science, and Health Sciences. This minor can also benefit students majoring in fields as diverse as Life Science/Childhood Education and Environmental Studies. Two of the required courses in the Chemistry minor will also fulfill the RSC General Education requirements for Physical and Natural Sciences.

The following courses may not be counted toward a minor in Chemistry: CHM 102, CHM 104, CHM 105.
All of the courses in the minor have prerequisites. See your advisor.

Requirements for Minor in Chemistry

CHM 112 General Chemistry II : 4 Credits
CHM 205 Chemical Analysis : 3 Credits

Complete one:
CHM 201 Organic Chemistry I : 4 Credits
CHM 104 Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry : 4 Credits

Complete three additional chemistry (CHM) courses: 7-12 Credits
At least two at the 300-400 level.

Total credit hours required for minor: 18-24

Minor Policy

Minors may be declared any time before the completion of the drop/add period in the first term of the senior year or before completion of 87 credit hours, whichever comes later.

Successful completion of at least a one course in the minor is a prerequisite to such declaration.

Only two of the required minor courses may also count toward major or another minor’s requirements.  A minimum of half the required credits for the minor must be completed at Sage.

GPA in Minor required (minimum): 2.200 or higher