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  Nov 30, 2020
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Business Administration Minor

The business administration minor is comprised of 18 credits and intended to provide students foundation skill and build on that with a higher level study of the functional areas of business. Capping off the minor is BUS 311 or BUS 324 which develops integrative knowledge of business.

•Apply appropriate and effective use of technology for organizations.
•Communicate effectively through the delivery of written and oral presentations.
•Synthesize managerial practice with stakeholder theory and socially responsible decision making.
•Demonstrate effective leadership skills in a variety of settings.
•Understand the social, financial, environmental, legal, political and global issues facing contemporary organizations.
•Use critical thinking skills to understand and apply problem solving strategies and techniques for organizational and individual decision making.
•Demonstrate professionalism within the context of the work environment.

Minor Requirements : 18 credits

Core : 12 credits
Complete all of the following:
ACC 201 Financial Accounting
BUS 205 Principles of Management*
BUS 204 Principles of Marketing
BUS 308 Human Resource Management

Business Environment : 3 credits
Complete one of the following:
  BUS 212 Business Law I
  ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics

Integrative : 3 credits
Complete one of the following:
  BUS 311 Entrepreneurship
  BUS 324 Business Strategy I

*Note: BUS 205 is a pre-requisite for: BUS 308, BUS 311 and BUS 324.

Minor Policy

  • Minors may be declared any time before the completion of the drop/add period in the first term of the senior year or before completion of 87 credit hours, whichever comes later.
  • Successful completion of at least one course in the minor is a prerequisite to such declaration.
  • Only two of the required minor courses may also count toward major or another minor’s requirements. 
  • One-half of the required credits for the minor must be completed at Sage.
  • GPA in Minor required (minimum): 2.200 or higher