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  Nov 30, 2020
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Organization Management (M.S.)

In today’s service and information oriented organizations, both non-profit and for-profit, there is a need for managers who can broker information, sustain employee commitment, understand the work environment, and expedite customer service. Jobs such as these require managers educated in organization dynamics, personnel and human resources management principles, management control, and quality production methods. Sage Graduate School Master of Science (M.S.) in Organization Management is designed to create knowledgeable and highly skilled managers in these important operational areas and in closely related areas of management. The Organizational Management student will gain skills and knowledge within a framework of 30 credit hours or 10 courses. With the master’s degree in Organization Management and sharpened skills in management, graduates of this program are able to assume leadership positions in many different types of organizations, firms, government, and service provision agencies, or community organizations. For students who wish to specialize in the administration of organizations in the public sector there is a special concentration in Public Administration for the MS in Organization Management..

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the general requirements for admission to Sage Graduate School.

Program Requirements

This graduate program of study is structured around three important areas of management: organizational foundation principles, personnel principles, and management control principles. The capstone seminar in management provides an opportunity for students to integrate those principles through a research project in the field of management.

MS - Organization Management Program Summary

Graduate Elective

  • Students select a course from across all Sage Graduate Programs : 3 credits

Total Credits: 30

MS - Organization Management with Public Administration Concentration Program Summary