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  Apr 08, 2020
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Childhood Education: Liberal Arts Optional Middle Childhood Education

Liberal Arts Major with Middle Childhood Education

Two types of certificates are awarded—Generalist (G) or Specialist (S)—depending on the liberal arts major. Students wishing to extend their childhood education certification to also include grades 7-9 will select a major in one of the following areas: English (S), History (S), or Life Sciences (G). Some liberal arts majors require additional content course work to meet the New York State middle childhood certification requirements.

Additional Professional Requirements for Optional Middle Childhood Education Certification : 12 credits
EDU 325 Teaching & Learning in the Middle School, 3 credits
EDU 406 Middle Childhood Student Teaching 7-9), 6 credits **
EDU 410 Literacy in the Middle School, 3 credits

** Seeking an additional certification area may require student teaching outside the academic year and, thus, additional tuition cost may be incurred.