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  Jul 10, 2020
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Information Technology - Cybersecurity (B.S.)

[Advisement note: effective 5/8/2019, the Information Technology - SCA program has been suspended and is no longer accepting new students]

The bachelor of science in Information Technology with Specialization in Cybersecurity program prepares students enrolled in School of Professional & Continuing Education/SageOnline for successful careers as security analysts, intrusion detection specialists, cryptologists, cryptanalysts, vulnerability assessors, etc.  Students complete a comprehensive and relevant curriculum in information technology that provides a solid foundation in data communications and networking, programming, operating systems, system administration, database design, systems integration and project management.

The program also includes a specialization in cyber security that prepares students for high-demand skills and knowledge needed to protect network infrastructures, secure electronic assets, prevent attacks, investigate cybercrimes, perform in-depth incident analysis and build secure infrastructures. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology with Specialization in Cyber Security students will be ready to partner with professionals in business, industry, government and education to design and build cutting edge cyber security solutions that meet organizations goals.

SageOnline undergraduate courses are offered in seven week modules. Two seven week modules comprise a traditional semester term. The term is identified by the term (fall, spring, summer), followed by module number (1 or 2), then the year. Students may take up to 6 credits per online module.

Program Requirements : 51 credits

Complete all of the following:
ITC 101 Information Technology Fundamentals
ITC 201 Information Technology Hardware & Systems Software
ITC 203 Computer Security Fundamentals
ITC 205 Data Communications & Networking Essentials
ITC 207 Fundamentals of System Administration
ITC 209 Web Applications Development
ITC 211 Principles of Programming
ITC 301 Operating Systems & Architecture
ITC 303 Database Design, Management & Applications
ITC 305 Systems Analysis and Design Methods
ITC 401 Project Management

Cyber Security Specialization
Complete all of the following:
CST 201 Introduction to Cyber Security
CST 205 Cyber Crime Investigation and Digital Forensics
CST 301 Incident Analysis and Response
CST 305 Cyber Security Implementation
CST 401 National Cyber-security Policy and Law
CST 404 Cyber Security Capstone Project

Degree Completion Notes
Completion of General Education Requirements (SCA)
Total credits required for bachelor’s degree (minimum): 120 credits
1/2 of major requirements must be completed at Sage
Cumulative GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.00
Minimum major GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.20