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  Jun 04, 2020
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History (B.A.)

The study of history is essential to an understanding of world events, from the transformation of Eastern Europe to developments in contemporary China or Africa. History is also critical to understanding movements shaping modern times, from the evolution of U.S. foreign and domestic policy to revolutions in modern science and technology. At The Sage Colleges, a major in history can include, along with traditional courses in United States and Western Civilization, extended investigation of the rich diversity of the global historical experience. Courses with regional emphasis on East Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East are complemented by methodological and thematic courses on such themes as women’s history and oral history. Often described as a liberal arts education in itself, the study of history includes political, economic, social, religious, artistic, and intellectual aspects of humanity. History majors have found careers in journalism, education, law, politics, business, and as intelligence analysts, teachers, museum curators, and archivists.

Degree Requirements

History Courses

HST 209 The World Since 1900 : 3 Credits
HST 250 Methods, Media and The Public (ideally completed in sophomore year) : 3 Credits
HST 401 Seminar (completed in senior year) : 4 Credits

With advisement, select seven history courses representing a range of world regions: 21 Credits
At least three of these should be selected from the 200-300 level (more topically and regionally focused) courses.  Recommended: Students should select at least one course that substantially addresses the history of each of the following areas: African, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. We encourage students to fulfill part of this requirement through an internship or study abroad.

Select a pathway to complete your major requirements: 15 credits

American Studies Pathway: 15 Credits   
Complete one Identities course by advisement or from the list below: 3 Credits
ENG 213 African-American Literature
ENG 215 U.S. Latino/Latina Literature
ENG 221 Native American Literature
HST 212 Women and Social Movements in the US
HST 245 African/American History & Politics
HST 305 Women in Developing Countries
HST 320 Native American History & Culture
POL 334 American Political Thought

Completeone History of the Americas course by advisement or from the list below: 3 Credits
HST 105 History of the United States I
HST 106 History of the United States II
HST 107 Latin American History I
HST 108 Latin American History II
HST 240 Slavery in the Americas
HST 329 The Sixties in the U.S.
HST 336 American Foreign Policy
HST 350 The City in the Americas

Complete two Literature of the Americas courses by advisement or from the list below: 6 Credits
ENG 206 American Literature II
ENG 208 American Literature I
ENG 338 Modern American Novel
ENG 448 Major Authors Course (department approval required)

Complete one American Politics course by advisement or from the list below: 3 Credits
PACE 201 Civic Leadership & Engagement
POL 101 U.S. Government and Politics
POL 208 Community Politics
POL 218 Public Policymaking
POL 219 Law and Legal Process
POL 229 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
POL 230 Liberty vs. Security
POL 314 Health Policy
POL 319 Women and the Law
POL 336 American Foreign Policy
SOC 213 Power and Privilege
* Note: a student may opt to complete the English Capstone (ENG 405) in place of HST 401, with department approval.
International Globalization Studies Pathway: 15 Credits   
Complete one Globalization and Crisis course by advisement or from the list below: 3 Credits

GLO 101 Introduction to Globalization
HST 115 Intro to International Relations
HST 150 Climate Crisis & Challenge of Energy Conversion

Complete one International Political Economy course by advisement or from the list below: 3 Credits
* Note that a student may fulfill this requirement with an internship or study abroad experience.
ECO 310 Comparative Political Economy
ECO 313 Economic Development
ECO 318 Economies in Transition
HST 305 Women in Developing Countries
HST 336 American Foreign Policy

Complete three Area Studies courses by advisement from at least two of the following geographic regions: 9 Credits
East Asia- some possible courses: HST 101 The Emerging World I
HST 233 History of Modern China

South Asia, Middle East, Africa - some possible courses:
HST 102 The Emerging World II
HST 221 The Modern Middle East
HST 243 South African History, Politics, and Culture

Latin America and the Caribbean - some possible courses:
HST 108 Latin American History II
HST 325 Caribbean History, Society & Culture
HST 350 The City in the Americas

Europe - some possible courses:
HST 110 History of Western Civilization II
HST 218 Russia and East Europe
Public History Pathway: 15 Credits   
Complete 2 courses in public history or museum studies by advisement or from the list below: 6 Credits

HST 232 Oral History: Voices of the Past
HST 258 Topics in Public History
HST 332 Sage-Troy Oral History Project
HST 340 Internship in Public History

Complete 3 additional public history-related courses by advisement: 9 Credits
The following list serves as a guide for course selection; however, it is not exhaustive and other coursework, including internships or study abroad, may count toward the degree with department approval.

Communications - some possible courses:
COM 110 Media and Society
COM 215 Publishing for Print & Web
COM 251 Interpersonal Communications

Art - some possible courses:
AFA 207 History of Modern Art
AFA 214 Contemporary Art History

Theatre, Dance, Film - some possible courses:
DAN 212 History of 20th and 21st Century Dance
MUS 217 American Musical Theatre
SPA 335 Latin American Society in Film
THR 103 Acting I: Storytelling/Improvisation
THR 205 History of Theatre
THR 209 History of American Theatre
THR 212 Modern Theatre
Additional pathways may be individually defined by students in consultation with their history advisors.

Total credits in major: 46

Elective Courses: 45-48 Credits

RSC General Education Courses: 26-29 Credits

*Depending on a student’s selected pathway, one may fulfill the general education social science requirement with major coursework.

Total credits required for degree: 120