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    Russell Sage College & Sage College of Albany
  Jun 04, 2020
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Graphic + Media Design (B.F.A.)

The B.F.A. program in Graphic + Media Design has been developed for students planning to pursue a professional career in graphic design, illustration, web design, motion graphics, and video. Accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) assures graduates are qualified based on industry-recognized standards for professional designers. In addition, the nationally recognized AIGA Sage student group, and affiliations with the AIGA Upstate New York chapter, provide opportunities for professional networking, mentorship and leadership.

The B.F.A. curriculum comprises a number of distinct components designed to address a student’s total experience:

• Advanced studios and studio electives allow exploration in a variety of media.
• Senior Capstone I & II and studio courses focus on a personal direction in the major to prepare for the B.F.A. exhibition.
• Art history and liberal arts courses examine the role and relevance of art and design historically, socially, and culturally.
• Students graduate with the necessary skills and portfolio to enter graduate study or begin a career in the graphic design industry.

Academic Standards

All Department of Art + Design majors must achieve a minimum major grade point average of a 2.200 in all required art, design and art history courses.

Program Requirements : 81 credits*

Complete all of the following:
AEM 101 Drawing I
AEM 105 Two-Dimensional Design
AEM 201 Photography I or PHG elective course
ARH 205 Art History I
ARH 206 Art History II
ARH 320 History of Graphic Design
ARH course, 3 credits
GMD 201 Type and Design I
GMD 203 Graphic Design I
GMD 207 Graphic Design II
GMD 217 Imaging I
GMD 218 Type and Design II
GMD 220 Imaging II
GMD 225 Time Arts
GMD 301 Digital Production I
GMD 305 Interactive Design I
GMD 306 Interactive Design II
GMD 311 Graphic Design III
GMD 315 Business Practices for Visual Artists
GMD 320 Imaging III
GMD 405 Senior Capstone I
GMD 406 Senior Capstone II
GMD 412 Animation
GMD 415 Motion Graphics
GMD 420 Portfolio Preparation
GMD 427 Internship
ISD 102 Spatial Design

*All students entering any of the Art + Design programs are required to have their own laptop and software for use in their courses starting the first year. See for more information. Required courses for the GMD program are offered on the Albany campus.

Suggested Program of Study

Year One: Fall
AEM 101 Drawing 1
AEM 105 2D Studio Techniques
GMD 217 Imaging 1
ITD 155 Sage Connections
HUM 112 Lang & Comm or Social Science Elective

Year One: Spring
ISD 102 Spatial Design
GMD 220 Imaging 2
GMD 225 Time Arts
ITK 101 iThink Learn
Social Science elective or HUM 112 Language and Community

Year Two: Fall
ARH 205 Art History 1
GMD 201 Type and Design 1
GMD 203 Graphic Design 1
GMD 320 Imaging 3
Natural Science Elective

Year Two: Spring
ARH 206 Art History 2
GMD 207 Graphic Design 2
GMD 218 Type and Design 2
AEM 201 Photography 1
Mathematics course: MAT 110 or higher

Year Three: Fall
ARH 320 History of Graphic Design
GMD 305 Interactive Design 1
GMD 311 Graphic Design 3
GMD 412 Animation
Social Science Elective

Year Three: Spring
ARH Art History Elective
GMD 301 Digital Production
GMD 306 Interactive Design 2
GMD 315 Business Practices
GMD 321 Digital Illustration

Year Four: Fall

HUM Humanities Elective
GMD 405 Senior Capstone 1
GMD 427 Internship
Studio Elective
Natural Science Elective

Year Four: Spring
ITK 301  iThink Engage
GMD 348 Topics in Graphic Design
GMD 406 Senior Capstone 2
GMD 415 Motion Graphics
GMD 420 Portfolio Preparation

RSC General Education Requirements not fulfilled by Major and Required Supporting Courses: 32 credits
Elective Courses: 7 credits

Sage College of Albany General Education Requirements: Literacies of Connection

Degree Completion Notes
Total credits required for graduation (minimum): 120 credits
Cumulative GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.000
Major GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.200
Completion of General Education requirements
1/2 major requirements must be completed at Sage.