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  Jun 04, 2020
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Creative Arts in Therapy - Child Life Specialist (B.A.)

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[Advisement Note: effective 2/8/2019 this program is no longer accepting new students.]

Creative Arts in Therapy is a multi-disciplinary field which integrates many areas of study, including Psychology and the Arts. Art Therapy is designated as a mind-body approach by the National Institute of Health. Students of Creative Arts in Therapy are trained to help people find or maintain their own mind/body solutions. They work with individuals, groups and families to facilitate creative growth.  In addition to fundamental skills, students gain the theoretical background and applied experience necessary for graduate studies or employment in human services.

Child Life Specialists work primarily with a pediatric population in a medical setting.  To complete the Creative Arts in Therapy concentration in Child Life, a balanced combination of credits in an art form (dance, music, theatre, or visual art), in creative arts in therapy courses, seminars and internships, and in support courses in psychology, and one course in biology is required.

Creative Arts in Therapy students who select the Child Life Specialist concentration will complete the traditional CAT internship and a one-semester internship (480 hours).  Students must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.000 in the major in order to participate in the senior internship (CAT 425).  Completion of this degree program will provide students with the courses and experiences required to sit for the Child Life Certification Exam, which has reciprocity in all U.S. states and is recognized internationally.

More information is available from the Creative Arts in Therapy coordinator.  In order to be registered and board certified in Creative Arts Therapy it is necessary to acquire an advanced degree.  Certification in Child Life does not require a graduate degree.

Degree Requirements

CAT Courses (All Concentrations): 15 Credits

CAT 201 Introduction to Creative Arts in Therapy: Grief and Creative Healing : 3 Credits
CAT 330 Seminar I: Child Development and Creative Arts : 3 Credits
CAT 407 Creative Arts in Therapy Integrated Experience : 3 Credits
CAT 430 Seminar II: Elements of Therapeutic Flow : 3 Credits
CAT 442 Seminar III: Family Creative Arts in Therapy : 3 Credits
Complete two of the following courses - one must be from the area of concentration: 6 Credits
CAT 211 Introduction to Art Therapy
CAT 213 Introduction to Dance Therapy
CAT 216 Introduction to Music Therapy
CAT 218 Introduction to Theatre Therapy
Supporting Psychology Courses: 12-13 Credits
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology : 3 Credits
PSY 308 Abnormal Psychology : 3 Credits
PSY 326 Health Psychology : 3 Credits

Complete one developmental psychology course from the list below:
PSY 202 Human Development : 3 Credits
PSY 203 Childhood and Adolescence : 3 Credits
PSY 208 Developmental Science: Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood : 4 Credits
Child Life Courses: 18-19 Credits
CAT 203 Introduction to Child Life Specialty : 3 Credits
CAT 425 Child Life Internship : 12 Credits

Complete one BIO course:
BIO 213 Human Anatomy & Physiology : 4 Credits
BIO 134 Human Biology : 3 Credits (offered through Sage College of Albany)
Recommended Additional Coursework*:
PSY 548 Counseling/Child Psychopathology
PSY 549 Play Therapy
* Students need to be rising seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.000 or higher in order to enroll in the above graduate level courses.
Concentration in Dance, Music, Theatre, or Visual Art: 21 Credits

Creative Arts in Therapy - Child Life Concentration: Art Therapy
Required AFA Courses: 21 Credits

AFA 101 Beginning Drawing : 3 Credits
AFA 203 Beginning Painting : 3 Credits

Complete one: 3 Credits
AFA 105 Two-Dimensional Design
AFA 317 Drawing II

Complete one: 3 Credits
AFA 204 Intermediate Painting
AFA 215 Figure Drawing
Complete one: 3 Credits
AFA 106 Three-Dimensional Design
AFA 231 Ceramics I
Complete one: 3 Credits
AFA 202 Watercolor
AFA 248 Special Topic:
Complete one: 3 Credits
AFA 206 Art History II
AFA 207 History of Modern Art
AFA 214 Contemporary Art History

Creative Arts in Therapy - Child Life Concentration: Dance Therapy
Required DAN courses: 21 Credits

Complete one of the following: 3 Credits
DAN 111 Introduction to Modern
DAN 250 Studio Modern
Complete one of the following: 3 Credits
DAN 231 Introduction to Ballet
DAN 347 Studio Ballet
Complete one of the following: 3 Credits
DAN 241 Introduction to Jazz
DAN 345 Studio Jazz
Complete all of the following: 12 Credits
DAN 213 Dance Medicine
DAN 226 Creative Movement for Children
DAN 248 Special Topic
DAN 320 Improvisation
Creative Arts in Therapy - Child Life Concentration: Music Therapy
Required MUS Courses: 21 Credits

MUS 111 Basic Musicianship I : 3 Credits
MUS 112 Musicianship II : 3 Credits
MUS 208 Masterpieces of Music : 3 Credits
MUS 231 Guitar : 1.5 Credits
MUS 316 Women’s Chorus : 1.5 Credits (2 Semesters Required)
Complete one: 3 Credits
MUS 217 American Musical Theatre
MUS 248 Topic:
Complete 3 semesters of an Applied Music course: 4.5 Credits
MUS 315 Applied Music: Instrumental
MUS 318 Applied Music: Piano
MUS 319 Applied Music: Voice
Creative Arts in Therapy - Child Life Concentration: Theatre Therapy
Required THR Courses: 21 Credits

THR 103 Acting I: Storytelling/Improvisation : 3 Credits
THR 203 Acting II: Contemporary Scene Study : 3 Credits
THR 225 Voice and Text : 3 Credits
THR 303 Acting III: Performance Style : 3 Credits
THR 405 Theatre for Young People : 3 Credits
Select one: 3 Credits
THR 209 History of American Theatre
THR 212 Modern Theatre
Select one: 3 Credits
THR 248 Special Topics in Theatre
THR 304 Directing
Total credits in major: 72-74 Credits

Elective Courses: 17-19 Credits

RSC General Education Courses: 29 Credits

Total credits required for degree: 120

Practicum and Internship Requirements

Students are responsible for transportation arrangements to and from practicum and internship settings. Yearly physical examinations and immunizations are required by most Creative Arts Therapy practicum and internship placements. In addition, many of these settings require students to be fingerprinted and undergo a criminal history review. Students are responsible for the costs of these processes. Information regarding how to meet these requirements is provided by the program.

Transfer Policy for Visual Arts Concentration

All transfer students concentrating in the visual arts must complete six credits of studio work at Russell Sage College, regardless of prior college experience.

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