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  Mar 18, 2019
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Art & Extended Media (B.F.A)

Sage’s BFA in Art + Extended Media is designed to prepare students to be artists in the 21st century. Our curriculum focuses on proficiency in diverse and new media, interdisciplinary research, critical thinking, community engagement, and professional practice. Students engage with the professional world outside the studio through internships, class-led public projects, and exhibitions. Art + Extended Media teaches students the critical thinking, aesthetic, technical, and professional skills needed to be successful in the world of contemporary art.

The Art + Design Department of the Sage College of Albany is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). The B.F.A. curriculum comprises a number of distinct components designed to address a student’s total experience:

  • Advanced studio courses and studio electives that allow for exploration in a variety of traditional and new media.
  • Senior Capstone I & II and studio courses that focus on a personal direction in the major in preparation for the B.F.A. exhibition.
  • Art history and liberal arts courses that examine the role and relevance of the visual arts historically, socially, and culturally. A curriculum that equips students  with the necessary skills and portfolio to enter graduate study or begin a career in the arts.
  • Students develop professional capabilities, critical thinking skills and creative voice while building proficiency in technical skills. Students gain professional work experience as artists and designers by participating in internships, service learning, and student operated enterprises.

Academic Standards
All Department of Art + Design majors must achieve a minimum major grade point average of a 2.200 in all required art, design and art history courses.


Major Requirements : 87 credits

Core: 60 credits
Complete all of the following:
AEM 101 Drawing 1
AEM 105 2D Studio Techniques
AEM 106 3D Studio Techniques
AEM 201 Photography 1
AEM 202 Color and Light
AEM 250 Sophomore Studio
AEM 327 Internship
AEM 385 2D Studio Concepts
AEM 301 3D Studio Concepts
AEM 421 Capstone 1: Studio Theory
AEM 422 Capstone 2: Prod and Fabric
AEM/GMD/ISD 448 Topics course
GMD 217 Imaging 1
GMD 220 Imaging 2
GMD 225 Time Arts
GMD 315 Business Practices
GMD 320 Imaging 3
GMD 420 or ISD 407 Portfolio Preparation
ISD 102 Spatial Design
ISD 220 Design Technologies 1

Art History : 15 credits
Complete all of the following
ARH 205 Art History I
ARH 206 Art History II
ARH 307 Modern Art & Criticism
ARH 333 Art Criticism & Theory
ARH Elective

Studio Electives : 12 credits

Complete two additional AEM/GMD/ISD studio courses
Complete two additional AEM/GMD/ISD studio courses or ARH courses


RSC General Education Requirements not fulfilled by Major and Required Supporting Courses:

Russell Sage College Core Courses: 11 Credits 

  • WLD 101 - Reading Women’s Voices/Developing Our Own : 4 Credits
  • WLD 201 - Researching Women’s Lives : 4 Credits
  • WLD 401 - Women Changing the World : 3 Credits

General Education Breadth Requirement: 21 Credits

  • Humanities - History : 3 Credits
  • Humanities - Literature & Languages : 3 Credits
  • Natural & Physical Sciences : 6 Credits
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences (must be from two separate disciplines) : 6 Credits
  • Quantitative Reasoning : 3 Credits


Degree Completion Notes:
Total credits required for graduation (minimum): 120 credits
Cumulative GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.000
Major GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.200
1/2 of courses in major must be completed at Sage (minimum)