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    Russell Sage College
  Jun 04, 2020
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Public Policy, Advocacy and Civic Engagement (PACE) Minor

A PACE minor is designed for students in diverse majors who want to strengthen their civic skills and knowledge for a career or voluntary service in civic and political organizations. These organizations include: professional associations representing majors and professions such as biology, English, history, math, nursing, and physical therapy; community organizations serving neighborhoods and people in need; interest groups representing diverse economic, environmental, and other interests; and ethnic, gender, and religious associations. All of these organizations by the way operate on local, state, national, even international levels.

The PACE minor consists of 18 credits: 9 required and 9 elective (see list below).

In POL 218, students will learn how public policy is made and develop skills of policy research, analysis and writing. In POL 201, students discover how citizens can (1) influence the policy making process and (2) organize community and market alternatives to public policy. In POL 301, 302, and 303, students acquire and apply the skills policy advocacy, civic networking, and grant writing and funding-raising.

Electives enable students to explore related subjects, including: Lobbying and Interest Groups, Legislative Process, Social Movements, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, American Foreign Policy, and Research in Law and Government. We encourage – but do not require – students to do a 3-credit internship as one of their electives.

This minor consists of 18 credits as follows: