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  Mar 18, 2019
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Public Health Minor

Students in the public health minor will gain a basic understanding of the foundations of public health.  Upon completion of a minor, students will be able to:

  • Describe the history of public health;
  • Provide examples of the essential services of public health;
  • Identify the methodologies employed by public health practitioners;
  • Identify and describe the factors impacting health and disease of a population using sociological model;
  • Utilize basic methods for measurement and quantification of disease to describe the extent of public health issues; and
  • Discuss the impact of culture and policy on health and disease.

Minor Requirements: 18 Credits

Public Health Required Core Courses: 9 Credits

Complete all of the following courses:

Public Health Electives: 9 Credits

Students must choose one course from each topic area from those listed below.  Other alternative courses may be selected with advisement.
* IMPORTANT NOTE: Students cannot use a course to fulfill the nine credits of Public Health Elective requirements if it has been used to fulfill a requirement for their major. *

Topic Area 1: Ethics

  • BUS 312: Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • PHI 235: Biomedical Ethics
  • Additional Special Topics courses in Ethics may be approved by advisement.

Topic Area 2: Culture and Behavior

  • HMN 201: Food, Culture and Nutrition
  • HSC 206: Cultural Perspectives of Health, Disability and Wellness
  • HSC 215: Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan
  • PED 225: Concepts of Fitness and Wellness
  • PSY 326: Health Psychology
  • Additional Special Topics courses in Culture and Behavior may be approved by advisement.

Topic Area 3: Environmental

  • BIO 110: Environmental Issues
  • BIO 130: Environmental Biology
  • BIO 326: Ecology
  • BIO 350: New and Emerging Diseases
  • HST 150: Climate Crisis and the Challenge of Energy Conversion
  • SCI 120: Nutrition Science