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  Mar 18, 2019
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Law and Society (B.S.)

The bachelor of science in Law and Society involves students in the interdisciplinary study of law, criminal justice, and psychology, with a focus on understanding the relationship between law and human behavior and the role of law in society. The major is designed to give students an understanding of the interaction of law and legal institutions with social, economic and political systems. The program combines academic study with experiential learning opportunities to help the student make the transition from liberal inquiry to professional application. It is a program for students who are looking to use their education to make a difference to others, in their communities and in  the world.

Each student in Law and Society completes a core curriculum comprised of cross-disciplinary courses, an internship, an ethics course, and a culminating capstone experience. Coursework and internships help students focus their  interests and make career choices more evident, and this permits them to select coursework that best prepares them for their field of choice. As part of the major, students select an emphasis (pathway) within the Law and Society major based on their career goals.

Note that this program is offered through the Albany campus.  Though some of the required courses are also offered on the Troy campus, RSC students completing the Law and Society program will be required to take many of their major requirements on the Albany campus.


Core : 40 credits

Introductory Courses : 12 credits
Complete all of the following:
CRM/CRJ 111 Crim Just Funct and Processes
LAW 101 Introduction to Law
PSY/PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
SCL/SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

Basic Research & Writing : 6 credits
Complete all of the following:
EGL 240 Writing in Law & Society and Beyond
LAW 202 Legal Research
PSYC 260 Social Science Analysis

Depth : 15 credits
Complete all of the following:
CRM 325 Restorative Justice
LAW 348 Special Topics in Law
PSC/POL 339 Current Constitutional Issues
PSYC 339 Psychology and Law
SCL/SOC 348 Special Topics in Sociology

Ethics : 3 credits
Complete one of the following:
PHL 206 Ethics
PHL 341 Values in Life & Work: Applied Ethics
LAW 325 Legal Ethics

Culminating Experience : 6 credits
Complete all of the following:
LAS 415 Capstone Seminar in Law and Society
LAS 427 Field Internship in Law and Society

PATHWAY : 18 credits
As part of the major, students must complete at least one pathway. Students may request additional pathways be added based on their career goals.  Pathways cannot include courses that are required in the core. Only one course in a pathway may also count toward another pathway’s requirements. 

Criminal Justice
Complete three 100- or 200-level courses in CRM/CRJ
Complete two 300- or 400-level courses in CRM/CRJ
Complete SCL/SOC 350 Research for the Professions 

Complete three 100- or 200- level courses in LAW
Complete two 300- or 400- level courses in LAW
Complete LAW 302 Legal Analysis & Writing

Complete three 100- or 200-level courses in PSY/PSYC
Complete two 300- or 400-level courses in PSY/PSYC
Complete SCL 360 Applied Research in the Social Sciences

Complete three 100- or 200-level courses in SCL/SOC
Complete two 300- or 400-level courses in SCL/SOC
Complete SCL 360 Applied Research in the Social Sciences

Program Notes:

  • Students in the Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Psychology pathways are advised to complete an undergraduate statistics course (MAT 220 or PSY 207) to fulfill the general education requirement for quantitative reasoning.
  • PSYC/PSY 202 Human Development, PSYC/PSY 207 Statistics with Comp Applic and PSYC/PSY 308 Abnormal Psychology are highly recommended for all Psychology pathway students.

General Education Requirements

Russell Sage College Core Courses: 11 Credits

  • WLD 101 - Reading Women’s Voices/Developing Our Own : 4 Credits
  • WLD 201 - Researching Women’s Lives : 4 Credits
  • WLD 401 - Women Changing the World : 3 Credits

 General Education Breadth Requirement: 18 Credits

  • Humanities - Fine & Performing Arts : 3 Credits
  • Humanities - History : 3 Credits
  • Humanities - Literature & Languages : 3 Credits
  • Natural & Physical Sciences : 6 Credits
  • Quantitative Reasoning : 3 Credits

Elective Courses: 31 Credits

Required for Degree Completion

Total credits required for bachelor degree: 120 credits
1/2 of major requirements must be completed at Sage
Cumulative GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.000
Minimum major GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.200