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  Mar 18, 2019
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History (B.A.)

The study of history is essential to an understanding of world events, from the transformation of Eastern Europe to developments in contemporary China or Africa. History is also critical to understanding movements shaping  modern times, from the evolution of U.S. foreign and domestic policy to revolutions in modern science and technology. At Russell Sage College, a major in history can include, along with traditional courses in United States and Western Civilization, extended investigation of the rich diversity of the global historical experience. Courses with regional emphasis on East Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East are complemented by methodological and thematic courses on such themes as women’s history and oral history. Often described as a liberal arts education in itself, the study of history includes political, economic, social, religious, artistic, and intellectual aspects of humanity. History majors have found careers in journalism, education, law, politics, business, and as intelligence analysts, teachers, museum curators, and archivists.

Degree Requirements

History Courses

With advisement, select seven history courses representing a range of world regions: 21 Credits

  • At least three of these should be selected from the 200-300 level (more topically and regionally focused) courses.  Recommended: Students should select at least one course that substantially addresses the history of each of the  following areas: African, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. We encourage students to fulfill part of this requirement through an internship or study abroad.

Select a pathway to complete your major requirements: 15 credits

Total credits in major: 46

General Education Requirements-not fulfilled by Major or required Supporting Courses

Russell Sage College Core Courses: 11 Credits 

  • WLD 101 - Reading Women’s Voices/Developing Our Own : 4 Credits
  • WLD 201 - Researching Women’s Lives : 4 Credits
  • WLD 401 - Women Changing the World : 3 Credits

General Education Breadth Requirement: 15-18 Credits

  • Humanities - Fine & Performing Arts : 3 Credits
  • Humanities - Literature & Languages : 3 Credits
  • Natural & Physical Sciences : 6 Credits
  • Quantitative Reasoning : 3 Credits
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences (must be from 2 separate disciplines) : 3-6 Credits*

*Depending on a student’s selected pathway, one may fulfill the general education social science requirement with major coursework.

Elective Courses: 45-48 Credits

Total credits required for degree: 120