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  Feb 20, 2018
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Leadership & Policy Studies (B.S.)

The Leadership & Policy Studies program prepares students for careers and graduate work related to local, state and federal government, law and policymaking. The focus is on the issues of public policy and the advocacy necessary to change policy.

Students in the Leadership & Policy Studies program will study the inner workings of American governmental and civic organizations, the ways in which public policy is made, and the practice of politics, advocacy, and civic engagement. They will delve into the lives of exemplary citizens and leaders, track current policy issues, and explore pathways— such as law, criminal justice, economics, globalization, and environmental policy. Students also will hone their communications skills and sharpen their policy research and analytical skills.

Students are encouraged to complete a full-semester, full-time internship with the New York State Assembly or New York State Senate.

Program Requirements : 40 credits

Complete all of the following:
HIS 324 American Ethnic History
HIS 331 American Century I or HIS 332 American Century II
PACE 201 Civic Leadership
PACE 405 Senior Seminar and Capstone : 4 credits
POL/PSC 101 U.S. Government: Citizens, Politcs & Institutions
POL/PSC 218 Introduction to Public Policy Making
POL 205 Research in Law and Government
POL/PSC 307 Internship
POL 340 Leadership & Public Policymaking Skills

Policy and Practice Pathway (per departmental advisement) : 12-18 credits
Recommended: HIS, HST, PACE, PBH, POL, PSC, SCL, SOC

Degree Completion Notes:
Completion of Literacies of Connection General Education  Requirements
Total credits required for graduation (minimum): 120 credits

1/2 of major requirements must be completed at Sage
Cumulative GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.000
Major GPA required (minimum): 2.200