Sage Graduate Schools 2010-2011 Catalog

HED 564 - Health Education Methods

This course is designed to prepare students to present health education lessons and programs in schools and community settings for a variety of audiences. Topics and focus will include: science-based, instructional design; learner-centered instructional strategies, skills-building, standards focus and authentic evaluation methods. Twenty-five hours Field Experience is required. Prerequisite(s): HED 502 and 558; HED 599 OR NSG 567; 2 WELLNESS SEQUENCE COURSES CHOSEN FROM HED 541 HED 542 HED 543 HED 570 PSY 562.

# Take HED-558 HED-502; # Take HED-599 or NSG-567; # Take 2 courses; From courses HED-541 HED-542 HED-543 HED-570 PSY-562;

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