Sociology and Criminal Justice   [ARCHIVED CATALOG]
Sage Graduate Schools 2010-2011 Catalog

FMH 540 - Externship in FMH

Students in the Externship in Forensic Mental Health select a field placement setting with the approval of the instructor. The student will select an agency that is part of the local, county, state, or federal extended forensic mental health system. The student works under site supervision in a community or institutional setting and is also supervised by a SGS faculty member. Final faculty approval of externship site must be received before beginning work. Prerequisite(s): Completion of all program courses except Victimology (FMH 510) & a law elective; good academic standing.

Take FMH-505 FMH-515 FMH-520 FMH-530 SOC-550 PSY-575;

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