Sage Graduate Schools 2010-2011 Catalog

EDU 649 - Student Teaching/Elementary I

Student teaching for prospective elementary school teachers is arranged by the college in fall (application deadline: first day of prior spring semester) or spring (application deadline: first day of prior fall semester). Students who have satisfied the liberal studies requirement (see second page of program of study) and who have completed the prerequisites, Phase I and Phase II of the program, are eligible for student teaching. Prerequisite(s): all prerequisites and all courses in Phase I and II (EDU 594 may be taken concurrently with student teaching.) A fee of $250 is required for each student teaching placement. The fee is nonrefundable after August 1 for fall semester and after December 15 for spring semester.

Take EDU-510 EDU-520 EDU-530 EDU-540 EDU-572 EDU-574 EDU-578 EDU-586 EDU-587 EDU-588;

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