Sage Graduate Schools 2010-2011 Catalog

EDL 745 - Research and Evaluation

This course examines theory and practice in the design, implementation, analysis, and interpretation of educational research and evaluation. The course is delivered in two components. As candidates identify research questions, this course equips them to plan, design, and collect data to address the question. Candidates will become knowledgeable consumers of quantitative and qualitative research. The first component studies the implementation of quantitative methods to the inquiry process. Candidates will become familiar with quantitative analyses that can be used to answer specific research and policy questions. The emphasis of the course is on applying statistical techniques and interpreting the results. The second component focuses on the research techniques of qualitative research with primary emphasis given to learning to collect data through in-depth interviewing and participant observation. Strategies for organizing and analyzing qualitative data will also be introduced. Candidates will experience writing academic critiques and reports of qualitative research.

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