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The Sage Colleges Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020

ASL 101 - American Sign Language I

This course introduces the beginning student to interpreting and signing American Sign Language (ASL), the language most widely used by the deaf community in the United States. Within the context of sign language as a language, students will learn basic signs and grammar in a receptive and expressive format. Students will focus on the production and comprehension of vocabulary, numbers, and the manual alphabet. (Please note that this is not a course in finger spelling or Perfectly Signed English as such.) Students will also begin to learn about aspects of the deaf culture in the United States and in selected foreign countries. Three hours weekly, plus tutorial. Note: Students with prior ASL cannot be admitted to ASL 101, except by special permission of the department. 3 credits. Co-requisite(s): ASL 101R. Advising Note: SCA Liberal Arts course.

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