Chemistry and Biochemistry
Russell Sage College 2017-2018 Catalog

CHM 340 - Forensic Applications of the Sciences

Students in this course are given hands-on instruction with modern forensics techniques building on their prior coursework in biology, chemistry and physics. Topics include techniques used for the identification and analysis of body fluids, hair, fibers, latent fingerprints, DNA, firearms, documents, and photographs. The course includes instruction in the proper handling of crime-scene evidence (preservation, sequence of analysis, chain of custody), a seminar component in which students do research on assigned topics and prepare a term paper and a presentation, and practice with court-room testimony. Laboratory experiments emphasize DNA analysis, chemical techniques, microscopy, and photography.  (Formerly called Introduction to Forensic Science) Prerequisite(s): BIO-102, CHM-202, CHM-205, CRJ-105 or CRM-111 Corequisite(s): CHM-340L Students also enroll in lab section.

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