Russell Sage College 2017-2018 Catalog

BIO 405 - Molecular Genetics

This capstone course requires students to draw upon their methodological, analytical and communication skills as well as their substantive learned knowledge.  These skills will be demonstrated through laboratory activities and written lab reports, oral presentations, scientifically prepared papers and peer reviewed article critiques.  As a subject matter, this course presents an overview of Molecular Genetics topics such as recombinant DNA technology, modes of inheritance and gene expression, disease modeling and genetic approaches to medicine, along with contemporary topics. Students conduct research in laboratory using analytical
techniques. Students also enroll in lab section. Prerequisites: BIO-101 & BIO-102 or BIO-104 & BIO-105  Prerequisite(s): BIO-104 and BIO-105 OR BIO-101 and BIO-102 4 Students also enroll in lab section.

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