The pass/fail (P/F) option should encourage students to select courses offered by departments outside their major area and requirements. The policies governing the use of the P/F option apply only to those courses that can be elected P/F. Courses offered only on a P/F basis are excluded from the limitations. Faculty do not know who elects a course P/F. They will record a letter grade. The Registrar then assigns the appropriate grade. Grades above “F” are considered passing.

  1. Students completing 120 credits at Sage may elect four courses P/F; transfer students may elect 1 pass/fail option for every 24 credits taken at RSC toward their baccalaureate degree.
  2. These courses may not be major or minor requirements, including required support courses in a major program. In addition, HUM 112, ITK 101, ITK 301, WLD 101, WLD 201, WLD 401, WRT 101, and WRT 201 cannot be taken using P/F.
  3. Election must be made at the time of registration, up to and including the last day to withdraw from a course.
  4. When a student withdraws from a course elected P/F within the normal period for such withdrawal, it will not count toward the P/F maximum.
  5. When requesting for a P/F course, students may choose to have a letter grade recorded under certain specified conditions by filling out the appropriate section of the P/F form. The student must complete this section at the time of registration. Courses taken for a letter grade under this option still count as courses taken P/F.
  6. To be considered for Dean’s List in a given regular term, a student must take a minimum of twelve credit hours on a letter graded basis during that term.
  7. Since course instructors do not know who elects a course P/F they submit a letter grade to the Registrar’s office, who records the appropriate grade. Grades above F are considered passing. The Registrar’s Office updates the record to list P grade (D- or higher) or F grade (student failed course).
  8. Students may use the P/F option to repeat a course that is approved for Pass/Fail.
  9. If students use a P/F option for a course that is later listed as a requirement in a major program they change to, the P/F grade will be cancelled and the original grade will be used.