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    Russell Sage College
  Oct 24, 2020
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Russell Sage College 2010-2011 Catalog


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Academic Programs


American Studies (B.A.)  American Studies Minor 
Biochemistry (B.S.)  Biology Minor 

Biology (B.A.) 

Chemistry Minor 
Chemistry (B.S.)  Communications Minor 
Childhood Education (B.S.)  Criminal Justice Minor 
Creative Arts in Therapy (B.A.)  Dance Minor 
Criminal Justice (B.A.)  English Minor 
English (B.A.)  Environmental Science Minor 
English/Childhood Education (B.S.)  Food Science Minor 
Environmental Studies (B.A.)  History Minor 
Forensic Science (B.S.)  Mathematics Minor 
Health Sciences (B.S.)  Music Minor 
History (B.A.)  Nutrition Science Minor 
History/Childhood Education (B.S.)  Political Science Minor 
Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A. or B.S.)  Pre-Law Studies Minor 
International and Globalization Studies (B.A.)  Psychology Minor 
Life Science/Childhood Education (B.S.)  Sociology Minor 
Mathematics (B.A.)  Spanish Minor 
Mathematics/Childhood Education (B.S.)  Theatre Minor 

Mathematics/Engineering Joint Five-Year (B.A./B.S.) 

Visual Arts Minor 
Musical Theatre (B.S.)  Women's Studies Minor 
Nursing (B.S.)  Accelerated/Linked Programs
Nutrition Science (B.S.)  Discovery Degree 
Political Science: Law and Government (B.A.)  Accelerated MBA   
Psychology (B.A.)  Accelerated B.A./J.D. with Albany Law School 

Psychology/Childhood Education (B.S.) 

Adolescence Education Teacher Certificate 

Sociology (B.A.)  Occupational Therapy 3+2 (BA/BS and MS) 
Theatre (B.A.)  Physical Therapy Accelerated 3+3 (B.A./B.S. and D.P.T.) 
  Physical Therapy 4+3 (BA/BS and D.P.T.) 


The 2010-2011 edition of the Catalog was published June 2, 2010 and was accurate at the time of publication online.

Students are bound by the programs and regulations set forth in the Catalog at the time they begin their studies at Sage. However, Sage reserves the right to change without notice any policies and procedures that appear in this Catalog. This includes the right to modify the academic requirements and programs of study; the arrangement and content of courses; instructional material used; tuition and fees; any regulation affecting the student body.

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