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  Sep 20, 2020
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Academic Services

Academic Advising

Sage College of Albany provides academic and course planning assistance to students through a faculty-based advising system. Students work closely with faculty advisors to create an educational plan to ensure that their individual academic and career goals and needs are met.  Faculty advisors are experienced in assiting students with academic decisions, support services, internships and career decison-making. The Office of Academic Advising provides support and information to students and faculty advisors about academic policies, procedures, course planning, timelines/deadlines and programs of study. 

Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Centers at the Sage Colleges are committed to helping all undergraduate students develop the skills they need to become independent and successful learners. The Centers on both campuses offer individual consultations with academic support staff, peer tutoring, and workshops on test preparation, time management, and other study skills. The Academic Support Center at Russell Sage College, located on the second floor of Hart Hall, is also home to the Writing Studio, which is staffed by graduate and undergraduate student writers who are specifically trained to help students improve their writing skills. The Academic Support Center at Sage College of Albany, located on the third floor of the Library, boasts a Writing Lab and a Math Lab in which students can seek specialized support.

Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) is designed to provide comprehensive support services to talented and motivated Sage College of Albany (day) students who, despite academic and economic disadvantages in their backgrounds, have the potential to earn a Sage degree. Our program includes a summer institute (prior to the first year of study - required for all students in the HEOP program), as well as academics assessments and study skills workshops, tutorial services, financial support and counseling for academic, social, career and personal concerns. The HEOP program is administered through the Academic Support Centers, located in Hart Hall, second floor (Troy campus) and Library - third floor (Albany campus).

To apply for the HEOP program, students must be residents of New York state; possess a New York state high school diploma or equivalent; and meet academic and financial criteria set by the College and the New York State Education Department. Transfer students can also take advantage of the HEOP program at Sage if they have previously been enrolled in an approved HEOP, EOP, SEEK or College Discovery Program. For more information, call (518) 244-2208 (RSC) or (518) 292-1764 (SCA).

Cultural Enrichment and Diversity

The mission of the Office of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity is to support a campus climate that appreciates and respects all dimensions of diversity. The Office promotes the celebration of diversity and globalization by exposing the Sage community to a variety of academic, cultural and social activities, from lectures, discussions and training workshops to cultural celebrations, poetry readings, receptions, art exhibits and more. The office provides support services to the international student population at Sage and supports Sage students who wish to study abroad. Students who study abroad receive assistance from the point of pre-application until they transition back to the United States.

The Office works with students, staff and faculty to develop and implement plans that help build a more diverse and global community and enhance the value of that community for each of its members. The Office’s activities are guided by the fundamental principle that students, faculty, administrators and staff are empowered as a result of participating in ongoing cultural diversity efforts, exploring perceptions, challenging stereotypes and encouraging collaborative efforts.

The Office also oversees the Cultural Enrichment Center (CEC), located on the Albany campus in the lower level of the Kahl Campus Center and on the Troy campus in Hart Hall. The Center houses a collection of art, books, artifacts, and videos and is perfect for informal gatherings, club meetings, mentor groups, seminars, and receptions. The space is available for use by all members of the Sage community.