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  Aug 14, 2020
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Learning Outside the Classroom

Student Life Mission Statement

The Student Life division of The Sage Colleges provides programs, services, opportunities, and environments for students to become involved in educationally purposeful activities outside of the formal classroom. The comprehensive program is intended to build responsible communities of learners, support the overall educational and personal development of each student, assist students with accomplishing their educational goals, and prepare students to lead in finding solutions to major societal challenges.


The Student Life department creates an environment that is purposeful, exciting and rewarding.  As the nucleus for collaborative living and learning the student life unit serves to create self-aware, responsible leaders and engaged citizens.

Core Values:

  • Learning happens everywhere
  • Students are at the center of the institution
  • Students are responsible for their own learning
  • Collaboration leads to more effective service

These goals are implemented through purposeful programs in the following functional areas:

  • athletics and recreation
  • career planning
  • student life
  • student leadership
  • spiritual development
  • residence life
  • public safety
  • health and counseling services

The Career Planning Center

The Career Planning Center is located on the Albany Campus in Library (Third Floor) and on the Troy Campus in Hart Hall (Second Floor).  Whether students are sure of what they want to do after leaving Sage, or are just beginning to think about what lies ahead, there is something helpful at the Career Planning Center. As an integrated service center, we aim to ensure students are pursuing a career plan they are passionate about, developing a professional resume they can be proud of, and furthering life long learning skills related to an ever changing workplace. The role of the CPC is to assist students in understanding the relationship between college experiences and future professional roles. This is done by guiding students in developing plans of action including community service, internships and work experiences, all which lead to the achievement of academic and career goals.

All Sage students are encouraged to make use of Careers’ services beginning with their first semester. Career professionals in the Career Center help students with all aspects of the career decision making process while incorporating information on current employment trends. Experienced professionals assist students with employment preparation and in developing impressive and professional job search skills and materials needed for the contemporary workplace, such as a professional resume that includes multiple relevant work experiences, also known as internships. To further students’ understanding of careers and the workplace, career professionals assist students in obtaining internship experiences. At Sage, students complete internships during a regular semester or during summer and winter breaks. Internships help students become aware of the skills and competencies needed for career success in their field of study.

Disabilities Services

Academic requirements must be modified, on a case-by-case basis, to afford qualified handicapped students and applicants an equal education opportunity. The Sage Colleges is committed to promoting self advocacy for students with disabilities and facilitates a positive and adaptive learning environment for such students. Students seeking accommodations are required to present a current evaluation for their disability conducted by a licensed professional. The Sage Colleges does provide support services and reasonable accommodations when requested by a student who qualifies for them. Complete information on these policies and procedures for requesting these adjustments may be found in Campus Policies . For more information please contact the Coordinator of Disability Services at (518) 292-8624.

New Student Orientation

Recognizing the important link between positive college experiences, feelings of connectedness to the College, and individual student success, The Sage Colleges hold comprehensive orientation programs at the start of each academic semester. Undergraduate students and families become linked to the College through carefully designed activities and interactions with faculty, college staff and administrators, and current Sage students who serve as mentors. Welcoming each student into an academic community, and introducing him or her to the tools and information needed to start the college journey, orientation is the first step in a student’s successful transition to Sage.

Student Development

Enrichment of student life at The Sage Colleges is achieved through a blending of academic experiences with co-curricular opportunities for involvement, leadership, social interaction, and community building. Special efforts are made to complement classroom learning with co-curricular activities. Student-led events such as the Activities Fair, Earth Day, and Orientation provide fun and learning for the entire campus community.

Leadership Development

Sage offers many leadership development opportunities, both in and out of the classroom. The programs model an emergent leadership paradigm and recognize the leadership potential of all students. Active participation in college leadership activities prepares students to be effective leaders, role models, and change agents in their careers, families and communities.

Sage prides itself on both the number and quality of leadership opportunities available. These positions are important to the success of all our students, and provide the candidates with an opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience. At Sage, students have the opportunity to explore leadership in a variety of ways which have a positive impact on their community.

Russell Sage College

Russell Sage College for women offers many leadership opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Whether a student is interested in being a resident assistant, a class officer or an admission tour guide we encourage students to challenge themselves and take risks. We recognize the leadership potential of all students and offer various programs and trainings throughout the year to develop skills. We believe that active participation in leadership activities prepares students for their future careers and to be leaders in the community. If you are wondering how to get started or what opportunities are available stop into the Office of Student Development in Cowee Hall. At RSC all of our student leaders are women and on their way to becoming women of influence.

Sage College of Albany

By getting involved in student clubs, organizations, and student government our students are immedeately connected to other students whose interests and committment reflect their own, helping to build and create community.

All student leaders participate in leadership training and our Leadership Getaway is an annual weekend workshop on leadership.  This spring event brings both current and perspective leaders together to develop and improve on leadership skills.  The weekend consists of ice breakers, team building, and low and high ropes courses.  Students learn to increase their self-confidence, awareness, trust, communication, and team work.

Student Government

Student Government functions as a legislative advisory group to address student concerns and issues. Student Government allocates funds to student organizations, clubs and classes, and also coordinates social, cultural, and educational programming. Student Government funds the Sage Recreation Association (SRA) at Russell Sage College and the Association of Campus Events (ACE) at Sage College of Albany, both of which offer students opportunities for off-campus trips and tours, and sponsor traditional campus events. Each organization plans and organizes a lively selection of campus programming throughout the year.