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    Russell Sage College
  Oct 24, 2020
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Student Life

Mission Statement

The Student Life division of Russell Sage College provides programs, services, opportunities, and environments for students to become engaged in educationally purposeful activities outside of the formal classroom. The comprehensive program is intended to build responsible communities of learners, support the overall educational and personal development of each student, assist students with accomplishing their educational goals, and prepare students to lead in the 21st century. The Ofiices are located on the 2nd Floor of McKinstry Hall in Troy (518) 244-2207 and on the 2nd floor of the Kahl Campus Center at Albany (518) 292-1753.


Student Life creates an enviornment that is purposeful, exciting and rewarding. As the nucleus for collaborative living and learing Student Life serves to create self-aware, responsible leaders, and engaged citizens.

Core Values

  • Learning happens everywhere
  • Students are at the center of the institution
  • Students are responsible for their own learning
  • Collaboration leads to more effective service

Student Life Departments

These goals are implemented through purposeful programs in the following functional areas:

  • Athletics
  • Accessibility Services
  • Career Planning
  • Cultural Enrichment and Diversity
  • New Student Orientation Programs
  • Public Safety
  • Recreation & Fitness
  • Residence Life
  • Spiritual Development
  • Student Activities
  • Student Life Office(s)
  • Wellness Center

Student Handbook

Russell Sage College Student Handbook contains detailed information about on-campus organizations and events, policies and procedures, and key services available to students.