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    Russell Sage College & Sage College of Albany
  Aug 12, 2020
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Academic Calendar

2019-2020: See Academic Calendar & Final Exam schedule on 


May 13

Session I and III Classes Begin

May 17

Last day to add/drop Session 1 and III classes

May 27

Holiday/College Closed

June 7

Last day to withdraw UG Session I and III classes

June 28

Session I ends

July 1

Session I grades due

July 3

Session II begins

July 3-5

Holiday/College Closed

July 9

Last day to add/drop Session II classes

August 2

Last day to withdraw UG Session II classes

August 20

Session II ends

August 22 Session II and II grades due

FALL 2019

August 26

Classes begin

August 30

Last day to add/drop a course, includes Online F-1

September 2

Holiday/College closed

September 6

Faculty Roster Reconciliation Due

October 1

Deadline to file for December Graduation

October 2

UG Advisory Grades due

October 14

College closed. No classes.

October 15

College open. No classes.

October 15

Online F-1 ends

October 18

Online F-1 Grades due

October 21

Online F-2 begins

October 21

Advising begins

November 4

Registration Opens for Spring 2020

November 15

Last Day to Withdraw from UG Classes

November 15

Last Day to Opt for Pass/Fail

November 27-December 1

Thanksgiving Break

December 6

Last Class Day (RSC/SCA)

December 9

Reading Day (RSC/SCA)

December 10-13

Final Exams (RSC/SCA)

December 13

Lasy class day/exam (SPCE/SGS)

December 16 Fall grades due


January 20

Holiday/College Closed

January 21

Spring UG and GR Classes Begin

January 27

Last Day to Add/Drop a course, including Online P-1

January 31

Faculty Roster Reconciliation Due

February 17

Filing Deadline For May Graduation

February 25

UG Advisory Grades Due

March 9

Online P-1 ends

March 7-15

Spring Break

March 12

Online P-1 grades due

March 16

Advising Begins

March 16

Online P-2 begins

March 30

Registration opens

April 10*

Last day to withdaw from UG course

April 10*

Last day to opt for Pass/Fail

May 1

Last class day (RSC/SCA)

May 1

Online P-2 ends

May 2

SGS Research Symposium

May 4

RSC WORLD Conference

May 4

Reading Day (RSC/SCA)

May 5-8

Final Exams (RSC/SCA)

May 11

Last Class/Exam (SPCE/SGS)

May 12 (noon)

Graduating students grades due

May 15

Baccalaureate Ceremonies

May 16


May 18 (5:00 pm)

All other Spring grades due

*Date extended to May 1, 2020 on 4/6/2020.