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    Sage Graduate Schools
  Aug 14, 2020
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The Professional Connection

Mission and Purpose

The mission of Sage Graduate Schools is to educate men and women professionals to develop exemplary career competencies by combining sound theoretic preparation with professional practice. Graduate education at Sage shares a common bond with the undergraduate vision of liberal, professional and specialized study. At the graduate level, this vision has produced highly distinctive programs addressing a broad spectrum of human concerns while focusing on the acquisition of knowledge in the context of work. Sage graduate programs also reflect our sensitivity and responsiveness to the communities in which The Sage Colleges reside and to the demands of the broader society around us.

Serving Today’s Professionals

Sage Graduate Schools offer master’s degree programs, certificates of study, and post-master’s certificate programs in the professional areas of management, health sciences, psychology and education. The doctorate is offered in physical therapy, educational leadership and nursing science. Classes are offered evenings, weekends, in one-day-a-week formats, in special short-term “institutes” involving weekend study, and in on-line and blended learning formats. Courses are scheduled to meet the needs of busy professionals.

Sage graduate faculty members, both full-time and adjunct, are trained practitioners as well as teachers who understand the needs of adult students and the needs of the workplace and the larger community. They have been successful in their professions, giving them the best combination of practical experience and advanced academic training.

Research is integrated into coursework to give students the skills to evaluate pertinent literature and to apply that information in the real world. Graduate students develop skills in research methodology and most conduct independent research. Many are involved in faculty-sponsored research. Faculty members in every graduate program have strong connections as consultants and board members with community organizations. They develop research projects with their students that address a variety of community needs and initiatives. The results of research effort are celebrated each spring in the Sage Graduate School Research Symposium.

Sage’s first master’s degree was granted in 1942 by Russell Sage College. A full graduate program became part of the coeducational Albany Division established in 1949. In 1995 Sage Graduate School was granted its own degree-granting powers as a member of The Sage Colleges.