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    Russell Sage College & Sage College of Albany
  Aug 12, 2020
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Academic Calendar

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Session I Begins May 14
Last Day to Add/Drop S1 & U1 May 18
Memorial Day - College Closed May 28
August Graduation Applications Due June 1
Last day to WD S1 & U1 June 8
Session I ends June 29
Session I grades due July 2
Holiday/College Closed July 3-4
Session II begins July 5
Last Day to Add/Drop S2 & U2 July 11
Last Day to WD S2 & U2 August 3
Session II ends August 21
Session II Grades Due August 23
Summer III Session Grades Due August 23
FALL 2018
Classes Begin August 27
Last Day to Add/Drop a course August 31
Labor Day – no classes, offices closed September 3
Roster Reconcilliation September 7
December Graduation Applications Due October 1
Last Day to WD from F1 Course October 2
Columbus Day – No classes, offices closed October 8
No classes, offices open October 9
UG Advisory Grades Due October 16
Online F1 Ends October 16
Online F1 Grades Due October 19
Advising begins October 22
Online F2 Begins October 22
Last Day to Add/Drop F2 course October 26
Registration for spring 2019 opens November 5
Last Day to WD from UG Fall & F2 course November 16
Last Day to opt for Pass/Fail option November 16
Thanksgiving Break November 21-25
Last Class Day (RSC/SCA) December 7
Reading Day (RSC/SCA) December 10
Final Exams (RSC/SCA) December 11-14
Online F2 Ends December 12
Last Class Day/Final Exam (SPCE/SGS) December 14
Fall Grades Due December 17
Classes Begin January 14
Last Day to Add/Drop (includes P1) January 18
Martin Luther King Day – offices closed January 21
Roster Reconcilliation January 25
Last Day to WD from P1 Course February 8
Filing Deadline for May graduation February 15
UG Advisory Grades Due March 5
Online P1 Ends March 5
Online P1 Grades Due March 8
Spring Break March 9-17
Advising begins March 18
Online P2 Begins March 18
Last Day to Add/Drop P2 course March 22
Registration for summer & fall 2019 opens April 1
Last Day to WD from UG Sp & P2 course April 5
Last Day to opt for Pass/Fail Option April 5
Research Symposium - No UG Classes April 24
Last Class Day (RSC/SCA) April 26
RSC WORLD Conference April 29
Reading Day (RSC/SCA) April 29
Final Exams (RSC/SCA) April 30, May 1-3
Online P2 Ends May 3
Last Class/Exam (SPCE/SGS) May 6
Online P2 Grades Due May 7
Graduating Student Grades Due May 7 (noon)
Baccalaureate Ceremonies May 10
Commencement May 11
All other grades due May 13 by 5:00 PM