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  Jul 14, 2019
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The Office of Admission at Russell Sage College carefully reviews the admission information of each applicant to establish the best match between the individual and the College. For complete information on admission procedures and deadlines, contact:

Russell Sage College
Office of Admission
65 First Street., Troy, NY 12180
(518) 244-2217
(518) 244-6880 fax
[email protected]

First-Year Students

First Year Freshmen Students Must Submit:

  • A completed Application (online or Common Application);
  • An official high school transcript or an official copy of a GED score;
  • A letter of recommendation from a teacher or guidance counselor;
  • A written essay (minimum of 250 words);
  • Submission of standardized tests is optional (unless required for admission to an externally-linked academic program)

It is recommended that an applicant submit a list of extracurricular activities that provide additional relevant information that is not covered on the application and other supporting documents.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must submit:

  • A completed Application (online or Common Application);
  • An official high school transcript or an official copy of a GED score (if fewer than 24 credits have been earned);
  • An official transcript from EACH post-secondary institution attended since high school;
  • A written essay (minimum of 250 words)

Admission Options for First Year Students

Regular Admission

Applications are processed on a rolling basis beginning in November each year and continuing through the following summer.  Admission decisions for regular decision applicants will be communicated after March 1st. Any applications completed after that date will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  Application and supporting materials should be submitted by August 1 for fall term and December 15 for the spring term.  Students are welcome to begin their studies at Russell Sage College in either fall or spring terms.

Russell Sage College subscribes to the Candidate’s Common Reply Date and accepted first-year students are required to notify the College of their decision to attend by submitting the appropriate enrollment deposit, postmarked on or before May 1.

Accepted candidates who matriculate must have their secondary school send the official end-of-year transcript indicating graduation date and final grades received.  If the end-of-year credentials are not commensurate with those on which the original decision was based, the College reserves the right to review the original decision.

Early Action

Applicants who have carefully considered their educational opportunities for college and would like to have their admission decisions early may choose to apply under the Early Action Plan.  The application deadline for consideration under the Early Action Plan is as follows: Early Action I-December 1, with notification by December 15; and Early Action II-February 1 with notification by March 1.  Those offered admission are able to start the application process for scholarships and financial assistance earlier than other applicants.

Early College

A small group of academically advanced young women who are officially still at the high school level of their academic careers but are willing, ready, and able to tackle college level studies will be selected to participate in the Early College Program at Russell Sage. Students from traditional high school programs, as well as home-schooled students will be considered.  Note that students without a high school diploma are not eligible for federal and state financial aid. For more information about this program, please contact the Office of Admission at (518) 244-2217 or at [email protected].



Former matriculated students who have been away from Sage (one or more terms without an approved leave of absence) must contact the Office of Admission, 518-244-2217, for readmission/re-enrollment application procedures. If any post-secondary institutions (college, university, technical, proprietary school, etc.) were attended while the student was away from The Sage Colleges, official transcripts must be forwarded to the Student Services Office. Upon reenrolling, students are newly matriculated under the current catalog in effect at the time of reenrollment.

Fresh Start Program

A student who is seeking readmission to Russell Sage College and has not attended any of The Sage Colleges in four or more years may choose to have all Sage coursework (from the prior attendance) be exempt from the calculation of the grade point average. In choosing this option, the student would receive credit for courses in which a grade of “C-” or better was earned; the grades however, would not be included in the computation of the grade point average (GPA). In effect, students electing the Fresh Start policy will have old coursework treated as transfer credit in the calculation of credit for courses, GPA and the determination of eligibility for honors in the respective colleges. The decision to declare a “Fresh Start” must be communicated to the Office of Admission at the time of re-enrollment and can be claimed no more than once in a student’s career at The Sage Colleges. All original grades earned (including those below a C-), remain on the student’s transcript for record-keeping purposes, though they are not computed into the student’s grade point average.

[Advisement Note:  Per the federal financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy original grades and credits will be used to determine financial aid eligibility.]

Students Moving Between The Sage Colleges

Current matriculated undergraduate Sage students in good academic standing wishing to pursue a degree through another undergraduate college within Sage must apply for “internal transfer” prior to completion of 90 total credits. Eligibility criteria for admission vary by academic program. Students must submit an admission application (online) to the College of choice indicating desired term of transfer and major program. Internal transfer students are newly matriculated under the Catalog in effect of the approved term of transfer. Students are encouraged to consult with the Advising offices to evaluate program eligibility, current credit standing, and new degree requirements. 

Information on specific admission requirements including application deadlines and financial aid is available from the Office of Admission.  Students should contact the Office of Admission at the College they plan to attend.