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  Feb 20, 2018
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Course Categories

Course Classification

  • Humanities: All credit-bearing courses in art history, communications, English, humanities, philosophy, and foreign language are classified as humanities courses (ARH, COM, EGL, HUM, and PHL).
  • Science: Science courses include all biology, chemistry, physics, and science courses (BIO, CHM, PHY, and SCI).
  • Social Science: Social Science courses include all criminal justice, economics, history, political science, and sociology courses (CRM, ECO, HIS, PSC, PSY, PSYC and SCL) except SCL 347. In addition, all criminal justice (CRM) courses are social science with the exception of, CRM 352, 353, 356, and 349.

  • Liberal Arts & Sciences: Liberal Arts & Sciences courses include all humanities, mathematics, science, and social sciences. In addition, the following courses are classified as liberal arts: ASL 101, ASL 102, EDU 206/PSY 206, ITD, PED 350, PED 355.

  • Professional courses: with the exception of courses noted above, all courses with the following prefixes are classified as professional electives: ACC, ART, BUS, CSI, EDU, GMD, HSC, IND, LAW, PHG, PED, and CRM 349.

  • General Elective: General elective courses include all college level credit-bearing courses.

<— See Course Descriptions to identify courses that meet liberal arts & sciences requirement.

[L] Course meets Liberal Arts and Sciences requirement.
[P] Professional credit. Course does not meet liberal arts and sciences requirement.