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  Jan 18, 2018
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General Education Requirements - SPCE

The LIFE Skills Curriculum

Bachelor’s degree programs are all built upon a common foundation called general education. The Liberal and Interdisciplinary Foundation for Excellence, or LIFE curriculum, is the general education in SPCE bachelor degree programs. SPCE is committed to the belief that all graduates should possess the skills and breadth of knowledge and the experiences necessary for lifelong learning in a changing world. The LIFE curriculum provides students with the foundation in the liberal arts and sciences to broaden their perspective of a discipline while helping them to make interdisciplinary associations and to appreciate the link between theoretical knowledge and its application.  In the LIFE curriculum SPCE students will:

  • complete a foundation in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences that will support the commitment to life long learning;
  • broaden their perspective of different disciplines by being introduced to alternative ways of learning, knowing, and perceiving;
  • explore the connection between theoretical knowledge and the application of knowledge.
  • develop reasoning abilities, writing, reading, and computational abilities, and the abilities to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information within an interdisciplinary context.
  • develop cultural, historical, and human diversity perspectives and effective citizenship.

In support of these learning outcomes, LIFE includes:

  • A broad selection of liberal arts and science courses
  • Interdisciplinary course experiences
  • Applied competencies within the major
  • Experiential-based learning opportunities
  • A Capstone or Senior Seminar

LIFE Skills Curriculum
General Education Requirements 

# of

HUM 112 Language and Community
  • Complete HUM 112.
     (ENG 101, ENG 102 or HUM 113 may be used to fulfill this requirement).


 • Complete two of the following: ARH, COM, EGL, HUM, PHL, SPA, FRE


Social Science 
 • Complete two of the following: CRM, ECO, HIS, PSC, PSY, PSYC, SCL


 • Complete two of the following: BIO, CHM, PHY, SCI


 • Complete MAT 110 or higher.
    (ECO 215 or PSY 207 may be used to fulfill this requirement).


Interdisciplinary Topics Course
 • Complete one ITD 300-level course


Technology Competency
 • Waiver competency test available


Experiential-Based Learning

in the major

Capstone Seminar
(Senior Project)

in the major

Total LIFE Credits


*Note: One three credit course may “double count” in helping students to meet both a major requirement and general education requirement. Course credits are not doubled however.

Second Bachelor’s Degree

Second degree students possessing an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university in the United States are exempt from general education requirements at SPCE. Those holding bachelor’s degrees from international institutions may appeal to the Academic Dean for a waiver of all or a portion of general education requirements.