AEM 423 : Professional Practices

This course will prepare students to integrate their work and artistic practice into the professional art world. Students will develop and execute a professional portfolio as well as written materials (cv/ resume, artist statement, biography) for application to exhibitions, graduate school, artist residencies, grants, and more. Students will practice and refine public and written presentations of their work. Career development, marketing and self-promotion will also be emphasized.




AEM major; Completion of 54 or more credits (junior status)

ART 101 : Beginning Drawing

An introductory course that explores drawing as a descriptive and expressive language using various black-and-white media.

ART 105 : Two-Dimensional Design

A studio course in two-dimensional design stressing a problem solving approach. The course introduces principles governing the use of form. Projects focus on the execution of both black-and-white and color designs in a variety of media.

ART 106 : Three-Dimensional Design

A studio course in three-dimensional design stressing a problem-solving approach. The course introduces principles governing the use of form and focuses on the development of skills necessary for creating three-dimensional projects with a variety of materials.

ART 203 : Beginning Painting

An introduction to painting with emphasis on composition, colors, and paint handling. A range of subject possibilities will be studied, including still life and the model. Students may choose to work in either oils or acrylics and will be given instruction in preparation and paint application for each medium.


ART 101 , ART 105

ART 204 : Intermediate Painting

Experiences in painting with a focus on development of individual expression including an exploration of processes and concepts. Students may choose to work in either oils or acrylics.


ART 215 : Figure Drawing

A studio course in which the structure of the figure is explored through observation, investigative drawing, and a study of anatomy. Principles and techniques for drawing the figure including proportion and foreshortening will be studied. Line drawing and tone are emphasized and a variety of black-and-white media are used.

ART 219 : Relief Printmaking

An introduction to fine art printmaking techniques and concepts. Students will create unique and limited edition prints using print media such as relief (block) printing in single and multiple colors.

ART 222 : Intermediate Drawing

Building on skills developed in Drawing I and Figure Drawing this course focuses on making drawings that are far more complex in form and content. A wide range of subject matter, including the model, still life, and landscape will be studied. A variety of techniques, concepts, and media, including charcoal, ink, and pastel will be explored.


ART 101 & ART 215

ART 227 : Clay Sculpture I

A studio course which explores various materials, methods and forming processes in modeling, casting, constructing, and welding within a sculptural ceramics context. The portrait head, figure study, architectural ceramics, and large-scale mixed media assemblage are the emphasis of study.

ART 231 : Ceramics I

An introductory studio course in ceramics designed to acquaint the student with various on and off the wheel forming processes. Lectures and labs will investigate the theoretical and practical aspects of clay, clay bodies, glaze formulation, and application. Kiln construction, firing processes and practice will also be studied.

ART 309 : Mixed Media Drawing

This course is designed to explore a variety of media and techniques that will extend the boundaries of what theretofore has been a more traditional drawing experience in previous courses. Personal expression and the relationship between scale, media, and image will be examined in a variety of formats and techniques. Students will be encouraged to experiment in ways that will depart from the norm of what has been traditionally thought of as the art of drawing. Sources and examples by artists from the past, as well as the present, will be used to direct the students in this class toward inventive solutions for the assigned projects. The materials emphasized in this course include: gesso, acrylic paint, collage, and ink.


ART 311 : Visual Books

Visual books combine the book form with art media to create new relationships between form and content. Students will learn bookbinding techniques, then build on their own work in graphic design, printmaking, photography, drawing, sculpture and other media. This conceptual exploration will lead students to create unique, hybrid works of art including altered books, which are made from readymade volumes.

ART 321 : Monoprints


Monoprints (or monotypes) are one-of-a-kind works that combine aspects of painting, drawing, and printmaking. Water-soluble inks will be used in additive and subtractive imaging techniques including the use of collage plates. Coursework emphasizes experimentation leading to stylistic and conceptual development.

ART 322 : Clay Sculpture II

Continuation of study and studio experience in clay sculpture within a ceramic sculptural context.  The course will focus on vessel-based and/or human figurative sculptural form, its origin an dcurrent interpretation in Ceramic Sculpture.  Application of traditional clay building practices and mixed media will be employed.


ART-106, ART-215 , ART-231

ART 325 : Figure Painting

A studio course in which students learn about the history of the figure in art and painting. Western and non-Western cultural imagery will be explored. Appropriate anatomical and other technical issues will be reviewed and emphasized. Students will develop paintings of the figure that incorporate the study of form, light, shadow, and composition, as well as works that emphasize portraiture, interior settings, in both traditional and non-traditional modes of execution.


Art 203; Art 204

ART 375 : Raku Ceramics

A studio course in low-temperature ceramics which utilizes quick-firing techniques for porous clay bodies. Students will design and construct forms based on hand-building and/or wheel-throwing techniques and participate in the clay mixing and firing process. Slide lectures and laboratory assignments will augment studio projects.

ART 385 : Junior Studio

An intensive studio experience for third-year students, this course bridges the foundation and exploration of the first two years of study with the culminating senior capstone. Junior Studio brings together students working in their choice of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and other media to promote both specialization and cross-pollination. Working with a familiar technique, students are encouraged to go beyond technical competence to find their creative voice, develop a personal style and refine their concepts of contemporary art.


Junior (third-year) status

ART 421 : Senior Capstone I

The student will develop and produce preliminary work and a conceptual basis for their senior thesis, including research into themes, materials, historical context, plan for work to be accomplished. Students in all disciplines of fine art studios will have individual critiques with their major professors, and group critiques with their peers and art faculty. This 3 credit hour course will require a minimum of 6-8 studio hours per week.


Senior status BFA major

ART 422 : Senior Capstone II

A capstone studio course focused on concentrated work in the students' chosen medium. With faculty direction, students will complete a serious, coherent, and well-crafted body of work which was begun in Senior Seminar I. Students will present their selected artworks and artist statements at the annual BFA exhibition.


Senior status BFA major

ART 448 : Special Topics

The Art & Design department offers special courses covering areas and topics not otherwise included in the curriculum.