Accelerated UG to GR Programs

The following accelerated programs are offered:

  • BA or BS leading to Law (3+3 program with Albany Law School)
  • BBA or BS in business administration and M.B.A. at Sage
  • BS and MS in Education at Sage
  • BA or BS leading to the MS in Occupational Therapy at Sage
  • BA or BS leading to the Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Sage

Other accelerated programs allow students to choose their undergraduate major from a large roster of arts and science as well as professional majors.

In all accelerated undergraduate/graduate programs, students must maintain certain minimum GPA requirements and meet specific program requirements. See the appropriate catalog pages or consult with the program directors in the specific disciplines for more information.

Students are usually admitted to the 3 + 3 program with Albany Law School as first-year students, although they may also apply at the end of their first year.

Students in the other programs may apply either as entering first-year students or at any time prior to the second semester of the junior year. Students who wish to apply after they have been admitted to Sage may obtain an application from the History and Society department offices or the Dean of Russell Sage College.