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  May 25, 2016
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Resources and Services

Student Life Mission Statement

The Student Life division of The Sage Colleges provides programs, services, opportunities, and environments for students to become involved in educationally purposeful activities outside of the formal classroom. The comprehensive program is intended to build responsible communities of learners, support the overall educational and personal development of each student, assist students with accomplishing their educational goals, and prepare students to lead in finding solutions to major societal challenges. These goals are implemented through purposeful programs in the following functional areas:

  • athletics and recreation
  • student life
  • student leadership
  • spiritual development
  • cultural enrichment and diversity
  • residence life
  • public safety
  • health and counseling services
  • academic services

Public Safety

Public Safety services for The Sage Colleges are provided by the University Heights Association, a consortium of the Albany College of Pharmacy, Albany Law School, Albany Medical Center and The Sage Colleges.

The Sage Colleges are committed to providing the safest and most secure environment possible on both campuses. Toward that goal, a staff of professional public safety officers utilizes contemporary technologies and strategic programming to enhance the learning environment. Students, staff and faculty play an important role in this process through the Public Safety Advisory Committees, which exist on both campuses.

Public Safety offices are located on the Albany campus in Kahl Campus Center (second floor) and on the Troy campus in the John Paine Building (first floor). In an emergency, Public Safety can be reached at (518) 244-3177 or by simply dialing 3177 from any telephone on the Sage network. Non-emergency calls can be made to (518) 244-4741 or to 4741 from the Sage network.

The Clery Act requires the College to publish certain information such as campus crime statistics. The statistics are published in a safety and security brochure, are available online (see the Clery Report for the Troy campus  and Albany Campus ) and can be obtained from the Office of Public Safety on either campus. The Office of Public Safety also publishes the Policy on Sexual Assault, found in the Campus Policies section of your College’s Catalog online.


All students and employees of The Sage Colleges who wish to park on either campus must register their vehicles and purchase a parking permit from the Office of Public Safety (Troy campus) or the Offices of Student Services or the Student Life Office (Albany campus). Parking permits are valid for the entire academic year, beginning in September, and are valid for both campuses, including the UHA campus during designated hours. The fee for the entire year is $40. Permits purchased after January 1 are $25 and permits purchased after June 1 are $15. Purchasers should be prepared to produce a valid Sage ID card (see below) as well as a valid motor vehicle registration for the vehicle to be registered. Violators of The Sage Colleges’ parking policies may be subject to ticketing, towing and revocation of parking privileges.

Sage Identification Cards

Sage students must have a valid Sage photo ID card in order to use the Sage libraries or computer facilities or to be issued a parking permit. With proof of registration, returning students may obtain an update sticker for their ID free of charge. Photo IDs and update stickers can be obtained in the Office of Public Safety in the John Paine Building (Troy campus) or the Student Life Office (Albany campus). Students are reminded that they are required to display their ID card to any College official upon request.

Weather-Related Emergencies

In the event of an emergency requiring immediate action by student, faculty and staff, The Sage Colleges will notify those populations by means of a text message sent to cellular telephones and e-mail addresses registered with the Colleges through e2Campus, an emergency mass notification system used by Sage. The system is voluntary but we strongly encourage students to enroll. Students may do so at the Sage website or on the front page of MySage. 

In the event of snow or other weather-related emergencies, Sage will remain open, if at all possible, to serve students and faculty who are able to get to class. The institution will officially close only when it is impossible to clear the parking lots and sidewalks. Students should use individual judgment in deciding whether they can and should travel in any weather-related emergency.

Classes Delayed

An announcement that the start of day classes has been delayed means that staff and administrators are expected to report at the delayed opening hour indicated. Classes scheduled to begin prior to the delayed opening hour will not be held. Students and faculty are expected to meet for classes held at or after the hour of campus opening.

Classes Cancelled

An announcement that classes have been cancelled means that students and faculty do not attend classes, but administrative offices are open and staff and administrators are expected to report to work at the usual time. The cancellation of day classes does not automatically mean that evening or weekend classes and events or activities are also cancelled. When this is the case, every effort will be made to post a separate message before 3 p.m.; however, the rapid change in a situation may require a later cancellation time.

Colleges Closed

An announcement that The Sage Colleges are closed means that classes have been cancelled, and no public events or activities will be held. (New York State Theatre Institute [NYSTI] productions on the Troy campus are an exception; please contact NYSTI directly at (518) 274-3200 for information about specific events.) Students, faculty, staff, and administrators should not report to class or work. However, essential services for the campuses will be provided (residence halls and dining services). The Colleges will only be closed in extreme circumstances. These may require closing after classes have begun for the day.

For Sage weather-related information, call the Times Union Sourceline at (518) 446-4000. At the prompt, enter the code 9826.

The following radio and TV stations have agreed to carry any announcements of cancellation or delay of start for Sage:

TV: Channels 6, 9, 10 and 13

Radio: 810AM, 92.3FM, 95.5FM, AND 99.5FM

Students, faculty, staff and administrators will also be notified of closings or cancellations via broadcast voicemail and MySage.

The Sage Colleges Emergency and Weather-Related Information Line is (518) 244-4548. A recorded message provides a brief announcement regarding Sage’s status. This should be used as a last resort for getting information.

Recreation and Fitness

The Recreation and Fitness Department at The Sage Colleges promotes lifelong health and wellness through diverse and comprehensive programs, while fostering a sense of identity for those in the Sage community. Through The Fit Stop, Gator Pit, group fitness classes, club sports, intramural sports, outdoor education, and partnerships within Sage and with outside agencies, the Recreation and Fitness Department:

  • Provides fitness opportunities for people of all abilities
  • Creates a fun and competitive environment
  • Promotes leadership and team building skills for participants as well as student employees
  • Challenges community members to try new activities
  • Encourages positive lifelong health and wellness habits
  • Educates community members regarding health, wellness and safety life skills

The Fit Stop: The fitness center is located on the lower level of Kahl Campus Center on the Albany campus. The Fit Stop provides a complete line of fitness equipment, including a Precor EFX546 Cross Trainer, Precor EFX556 Total Body, Concept II Rowers and Cybex Eagle Strength machines.There is also a free-weight section with three benches, a smith rack and a supply of dumbbells.

Gator Pit: The fitness center in the Robison Center on the Troy campus, offers students a large cardio section, complete LifeFitness strength circuit and free weight area, and a new core area, with the equipment you need to focus on your abs and back!

The Pool: The lower level of Hart Hall on the Troy campus is home to The Sage Colleges indoor swimming pool. The newly renovated 25’ x 60’ pool offers members of the Sage community opportunities for lap swim and open swim. There are also many social programs in the pool such as Dive-In Movies and a variety of water sports. The pool is complemented by several changing areas, a shower room, and an observation deck.

Group Fitness: The Recreation and Fitness Department provides students with diverse group fitness classes. Classes meet at different times during the day and evening. Recent classes have included Pilates, karate fitness and yoga.  The department also offers an extensive library of workout videos that members of the Sage community may check out to use at their convenience.

Intramurals/Open Gyms: Intramurals are offered throughout the academic year. Competitions are developed based on student interest. The Recreation staff creates a fun competitive environment for students who participate. We also take our intramurals to the next level by competing in the UHAC Tournament which is an intramural competition among the schools of the University Heights Association. Intramurals have included flag football, 5-on-5 basketball, 3-on-3 basketball, indoor soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, floor hockey, pickleball, and badminton.

Club Sports: Students interested in competing in sports may explore developing a club team. Recent active club teams have included: women’s ice hockey, crew, running, skiing, and cheerleading.

Education Programs: The Recreation and Fitness Department provides educational programming on a variety of health and wellness topics. Programs that have been offered include CPR/first aid, weight training, and nutrition.

Recreation Programs: One-day events are designed to reach individuals of varying ability and interest. Recreation programs are developed based on student interest. These programs are designed to be fun, while giving students the opportunity to get to know other members of the Sage community. Recreation programs have included Sage Olympics, Sage Games, ski trips, snow tubing trips, ice skating, and student vs. staff series.

For more information, visit the Recreation and Fitness Department website, stop by, or e-mail

Health and Counseling Services

The health and counseling services provided by The Sage Colleges are intended to assist students in reaching an optimal level of health and wellness.  The staff includes nurse practitioners and licensed mental health professionals.

All consultations and referrals are kept confidential and private in accordance with state and federal guidelines.  Information obatained in counseling and health services will not be shared with anyone without the student’s written consent.

The Wellness Center is located in Kellas Hall on the Troy campus and Kahl Campus Center (lower level) on the Albany campus.

Health Services

The Sage Colleges Wellness Center is a member of the American College Health Association and is dedicated to the wellness, health, safety and academic success of our students.

Health services are available to students regardless of personal health insurance.  A small fee may be associated with some of the services.  Full-time students must have a complete and current medical history and physical on file.  Graduate and Sage After Work students planning to use the services of the Wellness Center must also have a completed History and Physical form on file prior to seeking medical treatment.

Services available include: sick visits, physicals, gynecological visits, and more.  The health service staff considers a student’s diet, exercise, lifestyle, environment, and mental health before suggesting the best path to wellness.  The nurse practitioners work in collaboration with a physician.  Nurse practitioners can diagnose/treat illness and provide prescriptions if necessary.  Referrals are given as needed.

Counseling Services

Confidential, professional counseling is available by appointment. Consultation and referrals to off-campus professionals and agencies are also provided. Counseling services are located in the Wellness Center in Kellas Hall (Troy campus) and Kahl Campus Center, Lower Level (Albany campus).

Immunization Requirements

New York State Public Health Law requires that individuals born after December 31, 1956 who are taking six credits or more in a semester, provide evidence of immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella.

The Sage Colleges requires the meningococcal meningitis vaccine for all students living in campus housing.  As of August 15, 2003, New York State Public Health Law requires all students taking six or more credits, regardless of date of birth, to complete a Meningitis Response Form and return it to the Wellness Center by mail or fax. Compliance forms are provided with admission materials or may be found on the Wellness Center website.  These immunization forms must be submitted to the Wellness Center prior to the start of classes.

Students in Nursing and other health professional programs have additional requirements, which are available from the appropriate academic department.

Workshops/Support Groups

The Peer Education program is open to undergraduate and graduate students and provides education, advocacy and support for a variety of health and wellness programs which benefit the college and local communities.

The wellness staff offer a range of support and skill-building groups each year depending on student interest. Examples include: eating disorders and recovery support groups, assertiveness training workshops, smoking cessation groups, and stress management and relaxation training. Contact the Wellness Center if you are interested in a group.

Nutrition Education

Students have the opportunity to meet individually with a graduate assistant who can offer education about healthy eating and nutrition. The graduate assistant providing this service is usually enrolled in the graduate-level Dietetic Internship (DI) program at Sage Graduate School or is pursuing a master’s degree in Applied Nutrition from Sage Graduate School.

Spirituality Center

The Jane Haight Wells Spirituality Center on the Russell Sage College campus offers Sage community members a place where they can nourish the spiritual dimension of their lives. The center offers a safe place for spiritual gatherings, religious ritual, healing, celebration, educational events and social justice activities. In addition, the Spirituality Center offers a variety of social, communal and service activities through which students are encouraged to live the spirituality they embrace. Spiritual Advisors for RSC are available for individual guidance regarding a student’s spiritual life.

It is the responsibility of the Jane Haight Wells Spirituality Center to help students explore their spirituality and integrate this into their everyday lives. There are opportunities for exploration and worship on campus for those who desire it, and information available to students who desire to worship off-campus. The Center offers service opportunities ranging from volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity, to working in nearby soup kitchens. Students are consistently encouraged to become advocates in the local and global communities. This center also serves as a resource for speakers for the campus community and works in collaboration with other campus departments to further the well-rounded and inclusive education of our students. For more information on Spirituality Center programs and services, visit the website or call (518) 244-4507.